Every drop of Dunedin Craft Distillers spirit that you enjoy will contribute to reducing the carbon cost of bread.
Dunedin Dry Gin
750mls 40% ABV
Dunedin Dry Gin. Smooth, juniper forward, with just enough warmth and spice to take the chill off a brisk Dunedin evening. A confident lone spirit or a versatile mixer -- your choice.
Chocolate Vodka
750mls 40%ABV
Chocolate (Cacao) Vodka is made from cacao husks and nibs, macerated in our bread-based spirits before final distillation to produce a deep, dark chocolate surprise. Not sweet - just pure cacao in a smooth and crystal clear spirit. Enjoy on the rocks or as a base for a vodka espresso martini.

Silver Medal Winner at the NZ Spirits Awards 2021

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